Parenting Author Alana MoralesBoy, what to say? There is so much pressure when writing an “About Me” page. Should I be funny or serious? Snarky or professional only? What to do, what to do?

Here’s the gist of it – I’m a parenting expert for the rest of us. The moms who sometimes feed our kid too many chicken nuggets. The ones who are lucky if our kids leave the house in clean clothes, much less match all the time. The ones who do what it takes to raise good kids – even if it isn’t “right” or what everyone else does.

It turns out that you can be a good mom without being a Stepford mom. (and I’m not purposely excluding Dads – you are in there too!)

Here is the official version:

I am the author of Domestically Challenged and a mom of two ADHD’ers. On top of that, I am a teacher and severely domestically challenged wife.

I am currently back to teaching and writing my follow-up to my first Domestically Challenged book. I also write a column for ADHD from a teacher’s point of view and am interviewed regularly as a parenting expert. I was recently a spokesperson for Sara Lee’s Saga Solver campaign.

My writing has appeared in numerous media outlets, both online and off and I have been extensively quoted as a parenting expert.

You can reach me at


I help moms. Period. Whether it’s helpful information, a shoulder to lean (or cry) on or just seeing that there is someone out there who is doing things much worse than you, I’m your mom. Not literally, of course – but you get the idea.

About the Blog:

Domestically Challenged: The Blog is for moms who aren’t Martha Stewart or June Cleaver and are ok with that. It offers humorous stories and helpful hints and parenting tips from author Alana Morales to help moms survive the day to day chaos of motherhood.

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