I know, it’s been a while. No worries. I have been thinking about you, but life has been…complex…crazy…etc.

Anyways. This should really be over at my other blog, Mommy ADD, but even that is too complicated for me right now.

This happens all too often...lol

For those of you who don’t know, both of my kids are severely ADHD. I mean, major. Gnats have at least four times the attention span they do. For realz.

Because of this and the¬†accompanying¬†stress, I have been feeling the undying need to write. A LOT. So, if you don’t need to read anything about ADHD, feel free to skip these posts. If you want to read a funny story, please, by all means, continue to read. If anything, you might feel better about how your day went.

Now to the fun. Impulsivity.

Adhd kids are notorius for not doing well with controlling impulses. As kids get older, this can lead to a slew of bad things, like drug and alcohol abuse, bad sex habits and making excessively wreckless decisions.

Fun stuff to look forward to, right?

This is the kind of stuff that keeps me up at night. To go along with this, I get to deal with my kids lack of impulse control right now. Some of the fun things it leads to is the following:

  • Taking allowance money with them to school to buy nothingbutcrap toys, candy, and other worthless stuff that you can get for a penny from Oriental Trading Company
  • Sneaking into my bedroom to take electronics without the proper authorization and paperwork filled out in triplicate. Seriously, stay the hell out of my room.
  • Needing to clean their room and getting distracted by every single effing piece of lint, paper and trash, then pulling out the fun toys after climbing on a chair and getting it off of the closet shelf, then making sure that every last small little toy is EVERYWHERE on the floor

I get how their brains work. It goes like this:

“I see toy.”

“lLooks fun.”

Brain, get toy.

That’s it. Nothing else goes on. No filter. Nada.

Nevermind that to get said toy, they must climb on a video chair turned sideways and then risk life and limb.

It’s driving me flipping INSANE.

My son and I had a chat about this afew weeks ago after another time where he got in trouble for doing something that he shouldn’t have. He broke down in tears and his phrase about broke my heart:

“Mom, I don’t want to be a bad person.”

I don’t want him to be either. What if he gets an impulse to eat a candy bar? And then takes it? That’s my big fear in this situation.

So, how do you help an ADHD stop their thoughts and think about them when the thoughts are moving faster than the speed of light?

And this sums up my problem for the day.


Do you have an ADHD kid too? Drop me a note and we can drink together share stories!

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One Response to ADHD day #1 – Impulsivity sucks

  1. I explain the difference between being a bad person, and doing actions that are considered misbehaviour. It's ok to feel guilty if you've done something bad, it's not ok to feel shame that you're a bad person because of your actions.

    Wanting to do the right thing is important and acknowledging that you know he wants to do the right thing is empowering.

    Somethings aren't truly impulsive … for example, taking allowance money to school to buy crap isn't impulsive, it required planning and forethought and there were opportunities along the way to choose to NOT do that.

    I personally found that making a plan for the day, talking about what sort of things might be temptations, writing down goals on a piece of paper in my pocket (or on my phone) were all helpful … if I did those ahead of time then when I was in a situation that might lead to impulsivity, I was more likely to remember my goals.

    In the example of the allowance, a picture or a written goal for what that allowance is being saved for might help.

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