In case you were wondering, I didn’t get the name Domestically Challenged for nothing. Trust me when I tell you that I earned it.

Summer vacation is a time where I try in vain to trade my ways and become more organized and this summer, I think I’m getting it.

Rather than keep all the embarrassing fun to myself, I’m going to do a series to show you how I became more organized on a budget.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • weekly posts where I pick an issue and conquer the problem
  • Lots of embarrassing photos
  • Lots of tips

I’ll be tackling the following areas (money permitting):

  • Basement – desk and kid play area
  • Thing 1’s room – middle school boy
  • Thing 2’s room – elementary school girl
  • Master bedroom
  • Kids bathroom

Here’s a few things you won’t see:

  • Perfectly decorated space
  • Matching color hues and tones
  • Anything that might resemble something on Martha Stewart, HGTV or Better Homes and Gardens

I’m not like that. I can’t do the whole “Let’s make sure our house looks like a model home at all times.”

If you can do that, great. You’ll probably want to skip this series and head on over here. I have an ADHD family and know my limitations. My whole purpose is to make sure I have a home that is more organized than it is right at this moment.

And judging from this:

photo (2)

And this:

photo (1)

It won’t be too hard. LOL

Next week, you’ll see the in progress of my basement desk area from the first photo. I haven’t hit IKEA for supplies yet, but wait until you see the difference!

What type of home do you have – perfectly decorated or what I like to call a “lived in” look? What would you have if you could? 

Want to join in? Just title your posts with “Operation Organization” and get to work! Leave your posts in the comments and if we get enough, I’ll set up a linky for it too.

As always, please leave it in the comments! And if you have your own links to your house projects, please share those as well!

Who's that Spartan doing tai chi? It's me! It's me!

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2 Responses to Operation Organization – The Intro

  1. Jen says:

    I admire your spirit! I wish I could get myself to start getting more organized….
    I'll be back to watch you and live through you. :)

  2. redmestic says:

    Oh – this is SO where I am right now! I actually just posted on my blog asking for suggestions for taming the summer clutter monster! I had big plans for organization this summer – those plans seem to be going out the window!

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