Why, yes, I AM going to just waltz back in here like I never left.:)

This should be on my front door...or on Thing 2's bedroom door

It wasn’t you, it was me. You see, life got a little lot overwhelming and I just had to step away.

And now I’m back.

And I’ve made a decision. My entire writing career, I’ve debated whether or not I should blog/write professional style or me style. I think I need to go with me style. What does that mean for you, as a reader? Probably the following:

  • Less stuffy language
  • More bad language
  • Just as much parenting help
  • Stories about my parenting experiences, good and bad

Think you can handle that? ;)

As I sat down to write, I determined that I need a plan. I have 3 other books in various stages of doneness (but of course that’s a word – I’m an English teacher, I get to make up words. It’s ok, trust me) and I need to get crackin’. I suffered a HUGE lapse in confidence and the only way to fix it is to get back to it. I can’t improve my writing if I don’t ever do it.

Here’s what I am working on:

1. An ADHD plan of attack for my kids in school. if you have a special needs kid, you know that they require a LOT of work. I have discovered that Thing 1, who will be entering 7th grade, is going to be the most difficult, which is completely the opposite of what I figured. This means we need a school plan in place before the year starts so we can have a more successful year.

2. Fitness plan – I am currently maintaining my 63# weight loss. When things get busy with school, I need to make sure I continue this.

3. Writing plan – I need to get my non-fic book outlined and sample chapters written. Must stay away from Plants vs. Zombies for this to happen.

4. House plan – I’ve been trying REALLY hard to keep the house neater. I’m broke as a joke, which means I am having to be more creative on how I solve our cleaning and storage issues.


As the summer goes on, I’ll outline how my planning is going. In the mean time, do you have any specific issues I can help with? If so, drop me a comment. If you were take a good, hard look at your life, do you have an area that you could make a plan for and then implement?

As always, leave it in the comments!

Who's that Spartan doing tai chi? It's me! It's me!

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One Response to So, what’s your plan?

  1. mary says:

    You're back!!!!!!! I'm so glad 'cause I missed you!!!!!! Now get writing.

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