I don’t know about you, but I am SO excited for winter. If you remember, I just moved from Arizona to Colorado, which means that we are actually getting 4 seasons! It’s unreal!

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We all have winter coats and boots, but there are a few other things you can do to get ready for the snow. See below for extra tips from blogger Jane from Life @ Number 8. Jane lives in Austrailia and contributed tips for winter, even though she is getting ready for summer there.  Enjoy!

1. Have a car kit.

Make sure you have some supplies in your vehicle in the case of an emergency. You should, at the least, have water, snacks, a blanket, extra jacket (how many times have YOU had a kid who leaves their coat at school. On a Friday.) and an ice scraper.

2. Stock up on meds.

You do NOT want to have to run to the 24 hour Walgreens in the middle of the night in the snow and cold when one of the kids gets sick. Make sure you have any of the meds you may need on hand. This will probably include Tylenol, Motrin and Benedryl.

3. Stock up on food.

I know we don’t live in the ice age and many of us live in places where we can always get to a store. Do you remember the blizzards the East coast had last year? Yeah. That’s why I have a second freezer with meats and veggies and a shelf in the basement with tons of extra water and non perishables.

4. Start getting prepped for the holidays.

Don’t wait until the last minute. Start getting the foodstuffs and gifts now. Look back next week for making a holiday notebook.

12 things to do to prepare for winter

  1. Enjoy what’s left of summer – soak up that Vitamin D. Get out of the house every chance you can.
  2. Boost your pre-winter exercise routine.
  3. Wash all your blankets/winter bedding or at least air them. Let your children beat them, the quilts I mean
  4. Check the children’s winter pjs fit. Buy some glam ones for yourself.
  5. Get your heating serviced/cleaned ready to go. And anything else you plug in for heat.
  6. Wash or dry-clean your good summer clothes ready to pack away or rotate.
  7. Put $10 into pocket of favourite jacket: a nice surprise next summer.
  8. Have flu shots. Boost Vitamins intake.
  9. Get in winter supplies: Kleenex flu tabs, books, ok chocolate: if you must
  10. Cook a few easy prep meals and freeze. Use on tired days not just sick ones.
  11. Get your car serviced/winter ready.
  12. Plan winter family activities: outdoors & at home.

Jane is an Australian blogger where they are heading into summer. She lives life optimistically and positively. Her somewhat eclectic blog is all about how she lives beyond the restrictions life has given her.Check out her blog at Life @ Number 8.

What preparations have you made for winter? As always, please share it in the comments. :)

Who's that Spartan doing tai chi? It's me! It's me!

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8 Responses to Tip Tuesday – Getting Ready for Winter

  1. SereneCooking says:

    I'm lucky enough to live somewhere winter is mild (but wet), so really, I just have to haul out the umbrellas and make sure the kid has closed-toed shoes that fit.

  2. Katie says:

    I don't often think that I need to prepare for Winter, since I live in Atlanta. This post was a great reminder of things we all need to do, even if our weather isn't that severe! Thankfully, we are still getting a few warm evenings still….

  3. langela2 says:

    My suggestion has to do with getting prepared for the holidays that come in the winter. Start to declutter the main areas of your home, especially the areas that will be decorated for the holidays. It is so much nicer decorating a home that is clean and clutter-free. Start planning ahead for your holiday meals and travel, as well as gifts. Get out your calendar and mark any dates you are already aware of and keep it handy to add school programs, work parties, dinners, etc.

  4. Heligirl says:

    Sweet list. I think the only things I'd add is if you use a fireplace or have a wood-burning stove to be sure to get your chimney swept and get firewood now so it has time to "season." Also, check your car chains. One year I got a new car in February and totally forgot I didn't have chains until after the first snow storm in December. Doh!

  5. Kelly says:

    All are great tips! I live in the Northeast and winter can get pretty harsh…I also keep a sleeping bag and winter boots in the car. And definitely snacks! :)

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